About Me

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My name is AnaIveet I am an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. who vey recently decided to go Full-Time Freelance Illustrator. Yes I just had a moment where I thought now or never quite my 9-5 and decided to focus 110% on my artwork.

I love creating happy and positive artwork although my style is ever evolving I think this current one is my favorite .I've always had two very different style one being more moody and a limited colour palette and the other more cute and fun clearly the fun one is the one I'm preferring at the moment. My early influences growing up (and still till this day) are Walt Disney, Tim Burton, Ralph Steadman, every cartoon I ever watched going up and anime.

My love food, fashion, animations, animals, plants and health are all reflecting in some form in my work.

I’m self taught when it comes to illustration I’ve been doing it since i could hold a pencil, I did go to college for graphic design but illustration has always been an ever present passion for me.

Another part of creating that I’m getting back into in screen printing I fell in love my first year of college and will soon open up my online shop.

If I’m not drawing, painting and creating I’m spending time with my two dogs Puma and Zero,

or watching Netflix and Animes with my husband.

I look forward to get to know you guys and vise versa